Tony Scott To Direct $80 Million Action Film With Vince Vaughn?!?

Scott eyeing drug thriller Lucky Strike as his next film to shoot potentially in the summer with the most unlikely of leads.

Has Tony Scott finally decided on what his next film is going to be? Having circled half a dozen projects since delivering his runaway train actioner Unstoppable in theaters 18 months ago, Scott has yet to commit to helm anything despite flirting with a remake of The Warriors, a sequel to Top Gun and an adaptation of Mark Millar's anti-hero comic book Nemesis and a handful of other things. Now Deadline report on his latest attachment that is gaining steam to potentially bypass all those projects to shoot this late summer. The movie is Lucky Strike, a typical Tony Scott-esque action film that would follow a DEA agent teaming with a drug runner to take down a drug cartel. Harry Bean, writer of Richard Gere's Internal Affairs and the dreadful Basic Instinct 2 has wrote the original screenplay. Somewhat surprisingly, Vince Vaughn is being linked for the leading role in this serious action film that carries an $80 million budget! Scott seems to be bypassing Denzel Washington (who admittedly has a packed schedule) who has just delivered yet another $20 million opening for a studio with Safe House this past week and instead gone for Vaughn, who is touch and go as a box office draw in his comedy genre let alone in the action realm. And $80 million for this pairing? Well let's look at the numbers... Scott has only delivered one movie that has passed $80 million domestic in the past 14 years since 1998's Enemy of the State and that was his last movie Unstoppable which took $81 million. Vince Vaughn can be a box office draw sure but his last rom-com The Dilemma only grossed $48 million domestically and he is a complete unknown in this territory. Emmet/Furla Films have fronted the cash which 20th Century Fox will distribute and Scott Free will produce. One of the more surprisingly projects that has managed to secure funding this year so far if you ask me.
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