Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

What was the greatest aspect of the DVD revolution? Was it the crisper and more detailed than ever before picture? Was it the enhanced sound that made you almost feel like you were in the cinema? No, for many the greatest stride for forward-thinking technology advancements was a pause button that actually worked. No chewing up of the tape of yesteryear, distorted images be gone! It gave us a clear freeze framed picture of the action for inspection at our erm... leisure. But do we actually use it to study the beautiful framing and composition of some golden moments in cinema history? Lovefilm decided to run a poll to find out what moments were the most popular and it comes as no surprise that lady bits top the list along with nods to geek favourite moments and easter eggs. Have a look and chime in with your views...

1. Sharon Stone's infamous leg crossing €“ Basic Instinct (1992) €“ 31 %


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