Top 10 Places To Grab A Drink In The Movies

Take a seat, pour a drink and allow us to present cinema's greatest drinking establishments.

Every now and then even our favorite movie characters need to kick back and grab a drink. Be it a White Russian, French 75, or a martini€”shaken not stirred€”everybody needs a place they can call home to sip a glass or throw back a pint without disturbance, and relax. Of course, in movies this will always be done in style. From the calm, suave atmosphere preferred by your all around gentleman taking in the soothing sounds of a piano to the stained and disgusting hole-in-the-wall that serves nothing more than cheap pints and a good fight, cinema delivers the greatest spots to satisfy that thirst for brews and entertainment. Taking a look at the most iconic pubs, cafes, and gin joints from film I gather a list of the best pool halls, clubs, and bars we would love to sneak off to after work. Whether it's known for its seedy underbelly of a city's finest criminals and crooks or notable for class and a reputation of only the most elite clientele, these bars are memorable for a number of reasons. Some become fan favorites beyond the film while others are critical staples of story and plot. So take a seat, pour a drink and allow me to present cinema's greatest drinking establishments.

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