Top 10 Trailers of 2012

While 2012 was a great year for movies, it was also a great year for trailers. Picking out only 10 to make up this list was no easy task and I had to narrow down my criteria. Ultimately, I tried to find trailers that not only made me want to see the film they were advertising, but were also memorable in their own right. These were trailers that did something new, something unique, or something that was just outright surprising. A couple of these trailers were even better than the movies themselves. These were the trailers that didn€™t just sell a film; they sold themselves.

10. Ted I love trailers that do what€™s called a €œrug-pull€. They start off making you think it€™s going one way, and then BAM the rug is pulled out right out from under you. This trailer for Ted does that wonderfully, starting off like it€™s a romantic comedy and then completely pulling out the rug with the Thunder Song scene. The other thing I love about this trailer is that it lets the joke go on, which fits right into the MacFarlane style we all know and love from Family Guy. Mark Whalberg rattling off all those white trash names gets me every time.
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