Top 5 Most Anticipated Pop Culture Events of 2013 Podcast

Iron Man 3 1 There's no getting around it: us pop culture maniacs can't get enough of anticipating almost anything cool. We have been very lucky in the past year to have both The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises finally come to fruition. However as quickly as us nerds get what we crave, almost immediately something new and shiny replaces it on the horizon. This brings us to another What Culture/Basement Talk podcast special! The usual gang tackles each of our top 5 picks for our most anticipated pop culture events of 2013. We just can't wait for everything from books and movies, to video games and TV. We have a variety of opinions as always to ensure that anyone listening can latch on to at least one of us. From Pete's knowledge of upcoming films, to Uncle Bobby's unflinching love of the obscure, and my excitement for comics and games, we cover it all. You can listen to the podcast at the link below;
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