Top 5 Star Trek Fan Films on YouTube

Here are 5 videos available on YouTube thanks to fans of the (arguably) most enuring story of human adventure...

A lot of speculating is going on about Star Trek and the direction J.J. Abrams' reboot will take in the upcoming sequel. Will Benedict Cumberbatch be Khan? Should he be? What will become of Spock and Uhura? All across the Internet, debate rages on these and the other finer points of Hollywood's next big budget foray into Gene Roddenberry's house. At its core, though, Star Trek has always been less about effects and action and more about people. It is so special to the fans that they seek out behind the scenes trivia, satirize it and create original stories to keep it going. In the absence of new information about Star Trek 2 why not take a look at some of the best the fans have to offer? Here are 5 videos available on YouTube thanks to fans of the (arguably) most enuring story of human adventure . . . .

5. Star Trek Abridged

Influenced by Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, this YouTube channel takes the classic series---as well as several episodes of the Animated Series---to a new level. Greatly condensed to only the barest of core plot points, the original dialogue is overdubbed in the most satirical way. Some of the more hilarious moments include an ongoing sexual tension between Spock and his Captain, latent homosexuality from Sulu that George Takei would be proud of and more than one laugh out loud musical moment. For any fan that can appreciate satire of their favorite Starfleet crew, this is a must see on YouTube and far surpasses some of the televised attempts by comedy greats like Carol Burnette, Jim Carrey & the cast of In Living Color and even William Shater himself. Check out the Star Trek Abridged YouTube channel here and take a look at all 79 episodes of the original series.

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