Top Gun: Maverick Review - 8 Ups & 2 Downs

Tom Cruise returns with one of the best legacy sequels ever.

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise

Almost four years to the day that it began filming, Top Gun: Maverick is finally upon us, its release having been delayed numerous times due to both the production's complexity and the impact of the pandemic.

Maverick is now rolling out in cinemas worldwide, yet as thrilling as the marketing has made it look, few could've anticipated the early rave reviews it's received so far.

As an almost four-decades-later sequel to an entertaining but undeniably corny action drama, most were hoping for a shallow yet viscerally entertaining follow-up, but it's a pleasure to report that Top Gun: Maverick is indeed every bit as good as you've heard.

At once a masterful technical powerhouse where its action scenes are concerned and, more surprisingly, a genuinely affecting character-driven drama, Maverick should satisfy just about anyone who enjoyed the original or simply loves riveting action.

Given the many, many years it took to finally get the sequel off the ground, without the involvement of late original director Tony Scott no less, Maverick could've easily been another belated sequel that came too late, yet thankfully it's anything but.

But as with any movie it's certainly not perfect, and so here's where it stumbles ever-so-slightly...


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