Top Industry Earners of 2010 - Radcliffe/Hanks/Bay make obscene money for schlock

The latest issue of Vanity Fair has an interesting calculation on the amount of coin earned by top Hollywood talent last year, and the disturbing, sick to the stomach number crunching, besides how much Michael Bay earned from Transformers and Friday the 13th - is the $19 million figure Tom Hanks was paid for Angels & Demons. I have nothing against Hanks. His filmography holds up as a modern day James Stewart and it's perfectly fine that he is beloved by everyone, and he doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone these days. But the Robert Langdon movies are an undeniable sell out on his CV and as he drifts into an age where the kind of characters he can play will be getting smaller and smaller, his choices more limited - he is more than happy to keep earning big bucks, for schlock work.

(1) Michael Bay, $125 million; (2) Steven Spielberg, $85 million; (3) Roland Emmerich, $70 million; (4) James Cameron, $50 million; (5) Todd Phillips, $44 million; (6) Daniel Radcliffe, $41 million; (7) Ben Stiller, $40 million; (8) Tom Hanks, $36 million; (9) JJ Abrams, 36 million; and (10) Jerry Bruckheimer, $35 million.
Angels & Demons earned him just shy of $20 million, with another $15 million coming from voice work on Toy Story 3. The other disturbing figure is Daniel Radcliffe's $41 million. That figure makes him Hollywood's top earning actor, making $20 million per Potter adventure. via - Hollywood Elsewhere

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