Toy Story 3 not 2009 but 2010

aa.jpgLast month, we ran the story that Toy Story 3 was set to hit our screens sometime in 2009 with Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. director Lee Unrick helming a script from Little Miss Sunshine writer Michael Arndt. Well, The Hollywood Reporter are now telling us it's on schedule for a 2010 release which makes far more sense as the computer animation takes a considerable amount of time to put together into a feature. John Lasseter, who directed the previous two Toy Story movies and is the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney animation has confirmed that both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will both return for the flick. He also added.... "We got a great story". Which is very fine news because without them, I think a third flick would be pointless. There's no mention of Unrick in The Hollywood Reporter's article, so who knows if he is still on board or not? Either way, you gotta believe Lasseter is going to keep a very close watch over this project, after all it's his baby. source - the hollywood reporter, coming soon
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