Toy Story 4: Where Is The Pizza Planet Truck?

Is this one of Toy Story's best hidden Easter Eggs?

Part of the Pixar movie-watching experience is looking out for Easter Eggs and there's one in-joke that's run through the entire franchise that is arguably the most affectionately appreciated is the Pizza Planet truck.

After debuting back in the first Toy Story, the vehicle has appeared in every single Pixar movie (though nobody has found it in The Incredibles and Brad Bird doesn't even know if it's in there), including movies you wouldn't expect it to have been. Like Brave and The Good Dinosaur.

Naturally, now that Toy Story 4 is out, the question of Easter Eggs is a big one and there are obviously quite a few in there. As a small reflection, there's a lunchbox from The Toy Story That Time Forgot, Tinny from Tin Toy appears and the antiques shop is full of references, like Pixar shorts Lifted and Wally B-themed antiques. That's very much not the half of it.

The Pizza Planet Truck is a big one too and finding that was one of the first things fans would have looked out for.

This time it's a little different, because the truck itself doesn't appear (not that this is the first time it's happened) and instead an image of it does.

When Buzz ends up at the carnival and unwittingly finds himself added as a prize on the shooting game, the carnival worker who looks after the stall (badly) has the Pizza Planet truck tattooed on his calf. We see it as he exits the port-a-loo and bends down to pick Buzz up.

Did you spot any great Easter Eggs in Toy Story 4? Share your finds below in the comments thread.

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