Toy Story: The Progressively Harder Name The Character Quiz

Can you identify all 20 of these characters from across the Toy Story movies?

Toy Story 4 Contrasted

Disney and Pixar have just announced that we can soon expect a Toy Story 5 movie coming to theatres.

For many, Toy Story is a movie franchise that has taken us from children to adults. The adventures of space ranger Buzz Lightyear and cowboy Woody have been a staple part of our lives, and it's exciting to think that very soon we will be getting another outing with the gang.

When we last saw our favourite toys, they were heading off along their separate ways. Buzz and the rest headed back to Bonnie, whilst Woody made the decision to pursue his own happiness. He decided that he would instead become a "lost toy" and stay with Bo Peep.

It will be interesting to see how we see the gang are reunited for their next adventure.

With four Toy Story movies, there's been plenty of characters come and go. From dastardly villains, to toys that risk becoming lost to save their friends, the Toy Story films are filled with a memorable cast of characters. The question is, can you identify them all?

There are 20 characters here, and all you have to do is correctly identify them. We'll start you off easy, but each character will get harder to name. Let's see if you can work out who they all are!

1. Name The Character.


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