Trade Confirmation: Branagh in Valkyrie & related news!

kb.jpgFirst up, big congrats to those guys at Latino Review. Another one of there scoops has come true. Earlier this month, they told us that Kenneth Branagh would have a role in Bryan Singer's WWII ensemble drama Valkyrie and today Variety have confirmed it. His role will be that of a German general who helps Tom Cruise's character in the assassination attempt on Hitler. Great casting here and it also bodes well for the names of Stephen Fry, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nye and Patrick Wilson who Latino Review also mentioned for the flick. In related news.... Valkyrie screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie is all set to work on another war picture, as he is writing the script for No Man's Land says Variety. The movie is being setup at 2929 Productions and Spitfire Pictures.
No Man's Land will use three fictional characters to illustrate the complex reasons why the various European powers chose sides to fight WWI, and how the use of machine guns, tanks and other technology led to unimaginable carnage. The drama will focus on three characters: an American ambulance driver in France who joins the French Foreign Legion and eventually fights for the Americans when the U.S. enters the war; a British soldier wrongly accused of cowardice; and a German soldier mired in the trenches.
It's claimed the movies All Quiet on the Western Front, Gallipoli and Paths of Glory are the big inspirations for McQuarrie, who is said to be a big war buff. Once script work has been completed on No Man's Land, shooting should finally begin on The Stanford Prison Experiment.

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