Trade confirmation: Jet Li is The Mummy 3

heropred.jpgIt's been over a month since we first heard of Jet Li's involvement in The Mummy 3 but today we finally have a trade confirmation. The Hollywood Reporter claim that the martial arts superstar is in talks for the main villain role in the flick. Plot details are still sketchy but we do know for sure that most of the action is set in China. Li's story in the film begins in Ancient Times before moving to a post-World War II setting. The Hollywood Reporter gives us more... It is also known that one sequence involves the famous terra-cotta warriors, the collection of 6,000 men and their horses that were originally constructed to protect the tomb of an emperor. It's pretty obvious then, what Rob Cohen's intent with the film is. It's going to be heavy on action sequences and heavy on martial arts fighting. You can guarantee that sequence with 6,000 men will be the one of the main set pieces of the film, with Cohen using every fast-cutting technique that we all know and love from XXX, The Fast and the Furious etc. This will obviously include his ramped up and overblown soundtrack. Martial Arts mummies? What a way to kill a franchise. No word yet on Michelle Yeoh, who in the same post as last month..... was also said to have signed on for a part. source - the hollywood reporter, coming soon
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