What's happening to me, I'm talking about another chick flick less than 24 hours after discussing the upcoming Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway movie BRIDE WARS. The festive season must be starting to cloud my judgment.


Slash Film have pointed me towards the International trailer (though I do prefer the domestic trailer I've uploaded from Youtube) for the upcoming rom/com DEFINITELY, MAYBE starring the cool (but looks a bit weak here maybe?) Ryan Reynolds as a guy who fell in love three times but like a jackass, he blew each one. And those girls were Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher and Elizabeth Banks, so this guy must be really depressed. The movie follows Will Hayes (Reynolds) living alone with his 10 year old daughter Maya (Abigail Breslin), now going through a divorce from his wife and her mother. When Maya starts asking questions about her dad's life before she was born, Will agrees to tell her everything but ONLY if he can change the names of the three women he last loved and lost... not revealing which one is her mother.

Neat premise and the trailer has some pretty cool moments, though I fear this might turn into another THE HOLIDAY situation, where one co-star completely performs and outshines the other. Will Fisher and Banks suffer the same fate opposite Weisz as Cameron Diaz did next to Kate Winslet? Look for this one in February (should have been a Christmas release, over a Valentine's one me thinks) and it's written and directed by Adam Brooks. He also wrote the screenplays to similar rom-coms BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON and WIMBLEDON.
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