George A. Romero's latest addition to his zombie saga, the low-budget hand-held movie DIARY OF THE DEAD has been the least anticipated Romero-zombie fest in recent memory.

The movie has barely earned itself a theatrical release (it will run limited next month in the U.S.) and despite a really killer concept (BLAIR WITCH meets Zombies), the film the trailer makes the horror feature look like a huge disappointment. Actually that's not true. A HUGE MONUMENTAL DISAPPOINTMENT is probably more fitting. First George tells us about the film, and then the trailer follows...

Time to face facts people. Romero hasn't shot a good in over twenty years.

I know he deserves his legendary status because he did so much for the zombie genre but I just don't think his name can be marketable when his last good film was in 1985.

This looks way worse than LAND OF THE DEAD and from the trailer, it seems that Romero is a director who has ran out of creative ideas. And the thought that he Romero is prepping a sequel to this just makes me even more disinterested.

source - aicn


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