Trailer: HALL PASS - Farrelly Brothers Output Remains Superfluous

Insightful, thoughtful, satirical and axiomatic- none of these adjectives have ever been applied to the work of the Farrelly Brothers. From Dumb and Dumber to The Heartbreak Kid, their very best work has been funniest when it has been at its most vacuous- a litany of artfully conceived toilet humour, bawdiness and slapstick interspersed with cartoon lechery. Occasionally, when they have attempted to give the pretense of substance, the consequences are typically facile and conservative - of which the especially nauseating Shallow Hal was an especially bad example- with morals of all the sophistication and hypocrisy of a tabloid problem page. The brothers€™ latest project stars Owen Wilson- a man for whom this brand of comedy appears to be an occupational hazard- and, regrettably, appears to suggest a heady mix of all the cited familiar characteristics. The recently released trailer for Hall Pass can be found below: This trailer, typically, provides all anyone familiar with the brothers€™ ouvre with all they need to provide themselves with the raw materials to construct an outline of the narrative- warning, prescient spoilers ahead:
€ Two men retain an adolescent attitude toward sex and pine for the freedom of single life. € The more €œgrown up€ and sensible spouses take their concern for the management of their troublesome little boys to their mothers, who concoct a plan to teach said boys a lesson. € Little boys struggle to enjoy their new found singledom as much as anticipated. € Little boys find their dull domesticated and servile existence to be more valuable than the shallow interests of younger me. € Little boys ultimately turn down belated sexual conquests and return home to their wives. € Little Boys are now men.
Essentially, what you will be watching- should you choose to part with cash for this experience- is two hours of mocking men as being stupid and shallow, while women are deified as being sensible and adult, with all forms of domesticity venerated and independence mocked. However, since I have pre-empted the script- I would wager, fairly accurately- and you are already aware the extent to which you will be condescended, the only decision you need to make is whether it is worth £7 to enjoy flatulent humour and peering down girl€™s tops. The Farrelly Brothers may well find, the internet has rendered their output superfluous. Hall Pass opens Feb 25th (U.S.) and March 11th (UK) with Jenna Fischer, Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate, Richard Jenkins supporting and Jason Sudeikis co-starring.

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