HELLBOY's got the problem that movies like SHREK THE THIRD and EVAN ALMIGHTY had to try and overcome this year. No-one is really crying out for another sequel. Whilst the web goes crazy over every little detail for THE DARK KNIGHT and we wonder just what it will be like to see INDIANA JONES again... HELLBOY II is getting lost in the shuffle. With more big tentpoles each year, it's going to get harder I think for the cult popular franchises to make sequels which will hit the mass audience. I think this film certainly has that problem.


Neat trailer but nothing that stands out and there's not a $million grabber hook here, just lots of cool monsters...

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAILER IN HD Nice to see lots of Doug Jones and that new villain looks interesting. This movie so badly needed a good nemesis to keep our interest and it looks like they may have it, even if he does look an awful lot like Jeremy Irons in THE TIME MACHINE redo. Love del Toro's work but I'm so/so on this HELLBOY creature. Sadly, I've never found him all that interesting and I've been more fascinated by the characters around him. And they really should have ditched Selma Blair. Look for this the week before Batman, when it opens on July 11th. Though us Brits, will have to wait till August.

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