Trailer: HORRIBLE BOSSES Plays On Everyone's Fantasy

New Line have released the first trailer for their hotly anticipated comedy Horrible Bosses and yeah, we like it very much. Directed by Seth Gordon, who we thought had sold out having made the diabolical Four Christmases soon after his excellent debut King of Kong - the movie stars Jason Batemen, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day as three best buds who make the rash decision to kill each of their horrible bosses who make their life misery. The genius of the film is the casting of the three bosses - Kevin Spacey (relishing a reprisal of his Swimming With Sharks persona), Jennifer Aniston (playing it dirty and super hot - first time I've found her attractive in years) and Colin Farrell (unlike anything he's done before, a creepy neurotic boss). You have to throw in Jamie Foxx as the murder consultant as well and all in all the movie is looking damn right hilarious and I'm getting the sense that this could be the comedy that really explodes this year - or it will at least challenge Bad Teacher for that crown. Can't wait to see what the red-band has to offer. Also after the jump, check out a quickly put together teaser poster. Horrible Bosses opens July 8th (U.S.) and July 22nd (U.K.)
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