Probably the most successful female centric t.v. comedy all of time vs. a producer who's comedy films have struck a cord with the male audience like no other since the films of the 80's.

That's right, the showdown has been set for a while... it's SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE vs. Judd Apatow's FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, both movies opening on the last weekend of May and both going for a different audience gender. In an early attempt at marketing, we saw the clunky trailer for FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL a while back and we were baffled to just who the lead actor was and why Russell Brand has a big role... but we laughed on occasions and we still like the premise and if it's only 45% as good as KNOCKED UP then we will have been treated to our money's worth. Here's the response from New Line, the studio behind SEX AND THE CITY. The trailer for the movie "ten years in the making" is now online...

Same old same old... which means this movie is 100% definitely not for me even if I was Charlton Heston, the last man on Earth in THE OMEGA MAN and this was the only film print at my local theatre... I would still avoid it and choose to play chess with a statue instead.

Michael Patrick King, a former producer, writer and director on the show helmed the feature which reunites all the main players from the original show, and add's Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson to it's crew... showing that those Oscar statues really do help your CV (sarcasm).

source - filmstalker

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