Trailer: THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE Is Over-The-Top, Mindless Action Vehicle

Lionsgate have released a trailer for The Devil's Double, the duel biopic of Udey Hussein (eldest son of Saddam) and the story of his body double who unwittingly was forced at gun-point to become the regular body double of Iraq€™s most hated man. British actor Dominic Cooper plays both parts but either down to his limited talents/mis-casting or a director who doesn't know how use camera along with post-production trickery to make an actor playing duel roles seem believable, the whole trailer feels more like a parody from Funny or Die. But then believable isn't something that plays a big part in Lee Tamahori's previous films Die Another Day, Next, Along Came A Spider and xXx 2 among others, so why would we expect anything else but the over-the-top, flashy but mindless action vehicle we are delivered. This isn't quite the movie I wanted but probably the one I should have expected; The Devil's Double premiered at Sundance where Lionsgate picked it up for a U.S. release on June 29th and August 12th in the U.K.
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