THE DUCHESS marks the first of a few 'Kiera Knightley corset drama's' we are to see in 2008, as she takes on the role of the 18th century Duchess of Devonshire, an ancestor to Princess Diana who was ridiculed by the country for her political and social life.


I've always felt the movie was a good fit for the young British actress, though it's nothing we haven't seen from her before in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and ATONEMENT. In fact if you put them all together... tight corsets (POTC), stately home (ATONEMENT), period romantic flick (PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) then you get this movie...


Looks a little dreary doesn't it, though beautifully shot by rookie helmer Saul Dibb.

THE DUCHESS looks to give us nothing new and at least for all it's faults Sofia Coppola's MARIE ANTOINETTE at least tried to do something different with a period piece.

Still, Kiera might go nude again. No release date as of yet.

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