All dialogue and no footage. WHY? The movie has been completed a while, we deserve more...

I'm looking forward to The Social Network (Oct 1st, Columbia) for two major reasons (just scroll all the way down if you don't want to listen to my babblings and just wanna watch the damned trailer!!)... 1) It's David Fincher in his slow-burning, deliberately paced, real-life procedural drama mode the likes we saw in Zodiac. Just replace journalism for court houses, and serial killers with a relationship that went sour over the creation of an idea that made them billions. I believe, and hope, the fact that it's actually about the creation of Facebook is incidental to the theme of betraying friendships. 2) That second part I just mentioned - the idea that this movie deconstructs the idea that your best friend could sue you for six BILLION dollars. Just imagine that... allowing yourself to get into a situation where your best friend has been left with no option but to try and sue you out of such a gigantic figure - or the other side of the coin and how you would feel if your best friend had kept you out of the loop of billions! It's something very few of us in this world will ever have to face. This betraying friendship theme is what is particularly drawing me in right now as I'm in the middle of suing an individual who I thought was a close-friend of mine but in the recent months has proven to be nothing more than a money-grabbing, two-faced, weasal. Today I filed my court papers in an attempt to win back a substantial amount of money I'm owed, and despite my best efforts to come to an agreement with the young lady in question outside of the hammer and the Chaperon wearing bigwigs, it looks like I will be going to court and defending myself in the forthcoming months. For the nosey Obsessed With Film reader out there, it's over a rental/billing dispute and as far as I've been told, it's a cut and dry case. Oh, and it's nothing like $6 billion dollars that I am claiming. I'm sure I will discuss this at a later date, so that's all she wrote on the matter for now. Columbia have released an all dialogue teaser trailer tonight to start the conversation going for Aaron Sorkin's (Charlie Wilson's War, A Few Good Men) written drama and well if I actually used facebook, I would click LIKE. The movie stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.

Though as far as I understand, the movie has been completed for a while now - so why aren't we afforded a longer look with some actual footage?
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