Trailer: THE TOURIST is high-calibre version of movies you already paid to see

A modern day take on a North by Northwest-esque case of dangerous mistaken identity, or simply a duel starring, romantic comedy version of the other spy thriller you already paid to see Angelina Jolie in this summer. Or is it simply a more distinguished Knight & Day? The trailer for the rom-spy thriller The Tourist is hardly one brimming with ground-breaking originality (it is itself a remake of a 2005 French thriller), and I'm certain Hitchcock made this movie interchanging Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant as the hapless hero on at least two occasions, but still, we're intrigued. The movie feels warm, lovingly. Populist, broad - yes - but from Florian Van Hommersmark (The Lives of Others), a high-calibre director who knows exactly what he is gunning for and who clearly has a sense and control over style. Seriously, watch this trailer and you'll not only be knocked off your feet by the beauty of the two leads but also by the gorgeous shot composition. A director working at the top of his game, and you only need to watch it side-by-side with the trailer for Knight & Day to see how much more interesting this one is. I like it anyway. And isn't it nice to see Johnny Depp give a non-showy, somewhat grounded performance? (Yes I realise he runs around in his PJ's, but compared to Jack Sparrow - it's quite normal). The movie co-stars Paul Bettanty, Timothy Dalton and Rufus Sewell among others, and it'll be a big Christmas release.
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