Trailer: THE TOWN; Ben Affleck as the new Sidney Lumet?

We are way late on this one but here's the trailer anyway for Ben Affleck's follow-up to the stunning Gone, Baby, Gone - the September (U.S.) released The Town. Based on Chuck Hogan€™s award-winning crime-thriller novel Prince of Thieves, the movie finds Affleck as a bank robber who falls in love with his hostage, Rebecca Hall, and alongside all the hallmarks of a character-driven thriller (with just enough space to squeeze in that Jeremy Renner, Chris Cooper, John Hamm and Pete Postlethwaite also appear €“ worth watching, all) - is a love triangle subplot involving his girlfriend (played by Blake Lively, who won the Green Lantern love interest role thanks to this movie). The script is credited to Affleck, Sheldon Turner (Up In The Air) and Peter Craig. Affleck's last directorial effort didn't get the recognition it deserved, probably because it came out in the particularly strong year of 2007. This time around, where with the exception of Toy Story 3 and Inception - we are starved of a good movie - we expect this one to hit it big. The movie looks terrific, and we think it will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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