Two trailers premiered today for two flicks that I dare say were only on the middle blip of our radar. That is to say, they weren't ones we were counting down to see because of their subject matter but they are made by interesting enough talent that he might just dip into them come release time. First up it's German director Tom Tyker's (RUN LOLA RUN, PERFUME: STORY OF A MURDERER) latest film THE INTERNATIONAL which stars Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. They plan an Interpol Agent (Owen) and a Manhatten D.A (Watts) who are thrust into bringing down one of the world's most powerful banks after they learn of a corruption plot used to finance terrorism and war.

And the second trailer is for Clint Eastwood's 1920's period drama CHANGELING, which was well reviewed at Cannes and stars Angelina Jolie whose stolen nine year old son has been returned to her five months after the disppearance, only to find it's not her actual son. John Malkovich and Amy Ryan co-star.

The movie looks typically moody from Eastwood, that infamous black and drab colour scheme of his present from the first frame. And so harshly robbed of an Oscar nom last year for her unrecongisable role in A MIGHTY HEART, from the looks of her powerful performance here I'm not sure the Academy have good enough excuses not to vote for her this time round.


THE INTERNATIONAL opens February 13th (U.S.) and March 13th (U.K.)

CHANGELING begins it's U.S. run on October 24th before going wide a week later but not opening in the U.K. till late November.

Verdict: THE INTERNATIONAL appears to be a BOURNE-lite scenario with not quite as much at stake you feel but having recently remembered how good Twyker can direct high octane action, I'm intrigued. CHANGELING on the other hand, looks like real powerful stuff and may prove to be a perfect matching of actor and director.

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