Training Day TV Series In The Works

Crack out the Angel Dust.

To catch a wolf, you gotta be a wolf. And to reboot a 14 year-old movie, well, you might as well turn to TV. The AV Club reports that Warner Bros and Antoine Fuqua are prepping a Training Day TV series. You might remember Training Day as the movie for which Denzel bagged an Oscar, playing a gnarled street detective saddled with the task of taking Ethan Hawke's naive newbie for a 12-hour ride along; subsequently feeding him up on angel dust and sticking him in all kinds of "illegal as hell" situations. It's a tight, effective thriller, which remains Fuqua's best movie and launched the career of screenwriter (now director) David Ayer. Training Day totally deserves its reputation, but it's also a very singular story. A TV series constructed around the iffy activities of crooked LA cops is totally plausible, but I'm not sure how they're going to spin the "training day" motif. Will the series follow a collection of separate training days, or maybe just the one, segmented into hours across an entire season? Hard to say. Will Beall (Gangster Squad, and a former LAPD officer himself) will script the pilot and Fuqua will direct. In the last twelve months Fuqua has helmed both The Equalizer and Southpaw, neither of which impressed. Maybe a return to his greatest triumph is just what the film-maker needs, or, more likely, it'll ensure he's remembered for absolutely nothing else.

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