Transformers: Top 5 Optimus Prime Deaths

Autobots, transform and R.I.P!

Optimus Prime Autobot leader and all-round good-egg-Cybertronian Optimus Prime has died so many times that any new Transformers media, whether its a film, TV series, or a comic book, would be looked down as an anti-climax were it not to include some form of grizzly end for Prime. His many killings off are nothing new, they've been a staple of Transformers fiction since the glory days of the original Generation 1 cartoon. Between then and now, Optimus Prime has fought countless battles, endured a staggering number of enemies, and thus has had to have more than his fair share of run-ins with Cybertron's answer to the Grim Reaper. Most of his deaths have been nothing short of spectacular, and a real kicking in the feels. Of course, what other level of drama can there be when you're killing off everyone's favourite robot saviour. Some of Prime's death have however been overly-dramatic. Some have been tedious, others have been downright cruel, and some have been simply unnecessary, and suggest that killing him off was only there so that such a story would fit in better with the Transformers ethos. That ethos does apparently include murdering your childhood hero, so let's look then at some of the better ends Optimus Prime has met.

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