Trick r' Treat poster

tricktreattease.jpgTrick r' Treat is a horror movie set around Halloween... that is set to be released around Halloween. A simple and novel idea but one that is very welcomed... are you listening Mr. Zombie? On the left is the first promotional item we have seen from the movie, an early teaser poster. Looks pretty sweet, has that kid got a pumpkin for a head? From JoBlo...
The movie interweaves several terrifying subplots, including a serial-killing school principal, a gang of pranking teens, and a guy obsessed with Halloween.
I believe the film follows the premise of the characters who break the holiday rules of Halloween, will suffer a gruesome death, but I could be wrong. Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker and Leslie Bibb star in the flick, to be directed by Michael Dougherty for his close pal Bryan Singer. source - joblo

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