Trivia: Chris Claremont wanted Bob Hoskins to play WOLVERINE?

Popular X-Men writer Chris Claremont whose 80's work on Wolverine with Frank Miller forms the basis of much of Darren Aronofsky/Hugh Jackman's forthcoming film, has told Bleeding Cool that when he was originally writing the series he had envisioned Brit hard-man Bob Hoskins as his Logan!
Over the course of the three films he evolved on screen in much the same manner he evolved in the comic. The Wolverine quite naturally becomes the core essence of the group. It would have been interesting if we€™d done it 25 years ago and I€™d gotten my wish and Bob Hoskins had played him. Hoskins has that same degree of mad fury, and he€™s short. Don€™t think of Super Mario Bros.think of The Long Good Friday. With Hugh Jackman, it just reverses the paradigm, he€™s six foot four and who cares?
Anyone who has seen The Long Good Friday will be able to attest to the beast-like rage Hoskins exudes in that 80's classic. He would have given us a very different Wolverine that's for sure and I understand what Claremont is getting at the same time I think he is underplaying how effective Jackman is in the role.

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