tron-legacy As it currently stands, on Dec. 10th 2010, two different sets of movies that can't afford to share an audience with each other, will be going head to head in a Christmas box office slugfest, all hoping to rekindle a dead franchise that a huge opening could only realistically make happen. Tron Legacy from Disney and Sony's re-imagining of The Green Hornet will both fight it out over the older teens and adult audience. The family movies The Smurfs (Sony) and Yogi Bear(WB) will go after the kids and the huge cash they can often bring during the festive time of year. Alvin and the Chipmunks making $217 domestic in 2007 is proof alone of that. When Sony pushed back Hornet last weekend by 5 months they stumbled across a day that Disney had long planned to bring Tron back onto our big screens and when you own half of the world like Disney do, they won't budge for anyone. They aren't afraid of The Green Hornet, and I can guarantee the release date sticks for them despite a fair amount of interest picking up for the Hornet online and the Seth Rogen factor, which in actual fact might be running a little thin (Funny People, Observe & Report and Zack and Miri all underperformed compared to the movies that came before). I'm confident Sony will budge the Hornet to a 2011 summer date but if I were Disney, I would be more afraid of the potential fatherly duty of the generation that grew up with Tron and would therefore hold the most interest but may have to take their kids to see a family friendly film that weekend.

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