Twilight Star Taylor Lautner To Join 'Grown Ups 2' Cast?

Is the werewolf from Twilight looking for howls of laughter by joining this Adam Sandler sequel?

Looks like the sequel to the Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade buddy comedy Grown Ups is getting Twilighted by adding teen heart throb Taylor Lautner into the mix. Said to be playing a "fun" role in which he goes toe-to-toe with Sandler in the sequel, it looks as if the Twilight shape shifter (not a werewolf - a shape shifter, that only shape shifts into a wolf) is going to try his hand at comedy post Breaking Dawn Part 2. This will add another genre to his résumé after his stint as an action star in the luke warm 'Abduction' last year as well as a bit of Sci-fi when he was Sharkboy in Sharkboy and Lava Girl. In another bit of news he's also rumoured to be attached to star in an independent film set to be directed by Gus Van Sant. so he's certainly playing the field. Love him or hate him, Lautner certainly seems to be mixing it up a bit in regards to his post-Twilight career choices. This is a brave move as entering into a movie full of seasoned comedians cannot be an easy choice but given how unintentionally funny he was in Abduction ("We have the same exact chin" being a line that killed me) who knows what Grown Ups 2 could offer. The original Grown Ups took $271 million worldwide, so a sequel was always on the cards but where is Lautner going to fit into all this? One of friends long lost sons? A daughter's boyfriend? The movie's villain? Who knows but there's a whole section of the movie going audience that might now consider going to see a moie about some middle aged dudes going for another family trip.
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