Two new THE SPIRIT posters, Frank Miller says SIN CITY 2 is "close"

The more I see of THE SPIRIT, the more disastrous this movie truly looks unfortunately. At one time we use to get a lot of press releases concerning this film and a lot of fanboy's wanting to know how the movie was going to turn out, with words of genuine excitement and anticipation bursting out from each sentence. That's simply not the case anymore and it hasn't been since around the Con when we got some real good glimpses of how this movie is going to turn out. UGO have released two new posters from the movie today... Some more Frank Miller news comes from the guys at BadTaste who say that in a Q & A session, Miller told the world that he and Robert Rodriguez are "close" on beginning work on SIN CITY 2.

I can't talk about my projects, because I don't believe a movie is real until I see the title on the screen. There are many things that can go wrong. But I can tell you that I'm very close to begin 'Sin City 2' with Robert Rodriguez. We have to arrange a few things and we'll be back in action.
Wait, so THE SPIRIT isn't actually a sequel to SIN CITY because it sure looks it, lol! The movie opens CHRISTMAS DAY 2008 (2nd Jan U.K.) starring Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Jamie King, Paz Vega and Eric Balfour.
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