Two Olivier Stone alumni cast in PINKVILLE

Woody Harrelson & Michael Pena working together again with the director who will tackle Vietnam for the fourth time!

Pinkville is an interesting movie, or at least I think it is. The movie will see Bruce Willis and Olivier Stone work together for the first time in their careers, a pairing of talent I just never thought I would ever see. I've made no secret of my feelings on Olivier Stone. I admire his talents as a filmmaker and I admire his honesty and integrity when dealing with historical and political themes which other directors would balk at, but his movies just feel so angry to me. So intense and maybe pretentious at times.


The Hollywood Reporter are telling us today that Woody Harrelson (from Stone's Natural Born Killers) and Michael Pena (from Stone's World Trade Center) have been cast in his next movie, a mystery drama based on the infamous 1968 My Lai Massacre, in which as many as 500 women and children were slaughtered by U.S. soldiers. Harrelson will play Col. Henderson, the conflicted officer in charge of the task force that committed the massacre. Pena's role is currently undisclosed. Willis we already know will play William R. Peers, the guy who investigated the massacre and Channing Tatum is the army helicopter pilot who aided the villages.


The film is pre-strike, with production set to begin before the end of the year. This is Stone's third visit to Vietnam themed fodder after Born on the Fourth July, Platoon and Heaven and Earth, which just so happen to be some of his best movies. This one has potential.

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