Tyrese Gibson to pity the fool?

Transformers actor sounding confident over A-Team role although nothing is signed just yet.

Sounding confident that the deal was done, CHUD got chance to talk to 29 year old American actor Tyrese Gibson (Transformers, Four Brothers) who spoke pretty openly about the upcoming John Singleton adaptation of The A-Team where he is heavily rumored to play B.A. Baracus - a character made the figurehead of the original program by Mr. T's overwhelming persona.

The site caught up with him on the set of his new movie Legion - a religious thriller starring Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid...
He said that a mohawk is not out of the question, but otherwise he's excited to bring BA into the 21st century, so don't expect a ton of bling around his neck. The not in bad shape by any means singer/actor did mention that he'll be hitting the weights to prepare for the role, saying that the physique of the original is a lot to live up to.
Shall we say he sounds as confident as Ice Cube did some months back for the role? Whether Gibson ends up in this movie or not, he still has a multitude of big parts up his sleeve. He will be expected to return for a Transformers sequel soon for director Michael Bay, he has already completed a massive part in the Death Race remake and has been for a while a big fan favourite to play the Marvel superhero of Luke Cage.

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