Uh Oh... SCREAM 4 having major problems, Kevin Williamson gone & more to follow?

Turns out The Weinsteins are the killers of the new movie.

Update: Just as I was typing this, Shock Till You Drop published an update from an official source - but to me it all sounds like studio spin. The Weinsteins P.R. despertately trying to make the fans think that the film isn't falling apart at the seams. There's more to this story than this official statement. Read on, we have tons of detail below it...
Okay, here's what a source close to the production called to tell me this morning. Yes, Ehren Kruger has been brought in to do a bit of polishing. But no, Williamson isn't "out" by any means.
You can read the full statement here. Regardless... Kruger should be a thousand miles away from touching another Scream movie. His script for the second sequel was embarrassingly D-level compared to Williamson's work and his more recent films (The Skeleton Key, Transformers 2) have done nothing to change my original opinion that he is a very, very, very bad screenwriter. Earlier today I said;
Production trouble on the Scream sequels is commonplace, and I€™m sure if you asked director Wes Craven before filming began on the fourth movie four days ago €“ he would tell you that things never run 100% smoothly when he is dealing with the Ghostface killer.
Man... that latter part of that statement seems so apt now. Zap2It reports that screenwriter & series creator Kevin Williamson (who pitched the new trilogy in the first place) is GONE from Scream 4 and Ehren Kruger (the man responsible for the less than stellar script for Scream 3) has been rushed in to join the set at the last minute, typing away furiously several major overhauls and re-writes WHILST FILMING IS ALREADY UNDERWAY.Re-writes that have pissed off most of the crew, leading to the departure of Lauren Graham this week when her part was significantly reduced, and now Hayden Panettiere (probably the biggest name of the new cast) is "beyond frustrated" that her previously "really sharp" film nerd character has been "dumbed down significantly." Will she walk too? Something has gone very sour in Woodsboro and not only is Williamson gone from Scream 4 but the word is he is done with the franchise completely. He was working on the Scream 5 screenplay up until this month but it's now said he's done with it, and it's probable the whole trilogy is out of the window. Williamson, an avid user of twitter has yet to comment at the time of writing, but it's highly probable he himself, bitterly, was the source of the leaked story. He wrote on June 29th that he was having lunch with the editor of Zap2it. This from Moveline;
On June 29th, the embattled screenwriter tweeted the following: €œSo nice to sushi with you @cadlymack and get to know you.€ Harmless, until you realize that @cadlymack is Carina MacKenize, a writer for Zap2it and the author of the Scream 4 piece that was posted today (which quoted anonymous sources close to the production).
Director Wes Craven has publicly responded and has washed his hands of the situation; Which leaves only producers and financers Bob and Harvey Weinstein as the probable culprits on this. Sounds to us like they are now back in firm control over how they want Scream 4 to be handled. What that means for us, we might not see until April but man... this sounds like a total disaster. Meanwhile, AICN have some pics from the set. Usually this would be treats to be a joyous and grateful about, but not under these circumstances;

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