U.K. to experience PLANET TERROR on Nov. 9th???

The other half of GRINDHOUSE is coming to the U.K. after all. I get to see pole dancing Rose McGowan once more!


Mike Randall, one of our reviewers here at Obsessed With Film has heard that PLANET TERROR, Robert Rodriguez's half of GRINDHOUSE will hit our screens here in the U.K. on November 9th. The date is apparentaly subject to change and we don't have an official confirmation on this yet, but it does seem like we will get to see PLANET TERROR after all. If I was lying to you, I would say that my favourite cinematic moment of 2007 was a moment between Christian Bale and Russell Crowe towards the end of 3:10 TO YUMA. If I was telling the truth, it would probably be the pole dancing Rose McGowan in the beginning of PLANET TERROR, with that Yuma moment coming a close second. You see... I've kinda had a thing for her since she was the helpless victim in SCREAM all those years back. PLANET TERROR was great, but with it's short running time and very much a explotation GRINDHOUSE feel, this flick will probably suffer more than DEATH PROOF here in the U.K. and it doesn't have the name recoginition of Tarantino either. Hopefully they will put the fake trailers with this just to add to it's running time. Still I get to see McGowan pole dance on the mamooth screen again. Oh, and I would expect a confirmation on McGowan as BARBARELLA pretty soon. As soon as Rodriguez came on board, I said she would be the one Rodriguez would hire... and she's a great choice too.


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