Universal agree multi-film deal with toy makers Hasbro!

Jesus, they really will make anything a movie these days. And how pissed must Paramount be right now? In the future the only Hasbro properties they will be able to make movies from are G.I. JOE and TRANSFORMERS. Which granted, are the two biggies. The following comes from Variety...

Universal Pictures has announced a six-year partnership with Hasbro to produce at least four feature films based on branded properties. The properties include €œMonopoly,€ €œCandy Land,€ €œClue,€ €œOuija,€ €œBattleship,€ €œMagic, The Gathering€ and €œStretch Armstrong.€
In terms of MONOPOLY, we already know that Ridley Scott has attached himself to the property and is looking to direct a feature film out of it. Don't even ask me to explain that one, it's one of those "so strange it has to be true" situations. CLUE is the American name for what we Brits know as CLUEDO and would seem to be the most easy adaptable for film. Any Sherlock Holmes style mystery with outlandish names such as Miss. Scarlett could easily work, and indeed already has with the Tim Curry movie in 1985 - which is actually pretty damn fun. The other properties I'm not so sure would work. BATTLESHIP I guess could be turned into any kind of generic sea movie, and I suppose STRETCH ARMSTRONG could be made into a Reed Richards style superhero who is able to stretch as easy as elastic. Actually, if they go ahead with that movie before DC get a chance to make a PLASTIC MAN movie - then there could be some serious cash there. If I were Universal I would go with (presuming MONOPOLY is already a done deal) BATTLESHIP, CLUE and STRETCH ARMSTRONG as the three properties. I guess there might be some potential in those, but the day I see a movie born out of a card game (MAGIC: THE GATHERING) is the day I don't wanna do this blogging gig anymore!
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