Universal Films Now On Apple's iCloud

Those of us who have purchased movies from iTunes and have braved the wilds of iCloud have just been rewarded.

Those of us who have purchased movies from iTunes and have braved the wilds of iCloud have just been rewarded: Universal Studios€™ movies are now available to be re-downloaded from iCloud. While this might not seem like much to the average user, those of us who have gone digital will readily appreciate this, though possibly not fully. What this means, in the simplest of terms, is that the Universal Studios movies you purchased on iTunes will be available to download from iCloud. So, let€™s say in a Hennessy fueled night of debauchery you drunk purchased €œLeap Year€ on your MacBook Pro, you can now download it on your iPad. Nifty, huh? So what? Well, while this isn€™t something new, users have been able to download films from iCloud for a while now, Universal Studios was one of two hold outs. The last of which is Fox. Rumor has it that they are working on a deal and will be a part of the fold within the next couple of weeks. So what? (Man you€™re a tough crowd.) Where it is a bit more convenient for iTunes and iCloud members, this also has a hint that the studios are finally releasing, however lightly, their death grip on digital media, which is great news for consumers. It is awesome for consumers because the more the studios unclinch the more options we€™re going to have in getting the movies, and eventually televisions shows, we want. Ala carte movies and television shows, when we want, where we want, sans the never ending commercial messages€ I just peed a little I was so excited, but I digress. And, honestly, the sans commercials was just my fantasy, but who knows, stranger things have happened, right? OK, maybe not, but still, even if we have to suffer through commercials, being able to purchase just what we want, when we want it, will be a little slice of heaven.
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