Universal Orlando Resort: Halloween Horror Nights 2021 Full Line Up Announced

Things are about to get Scarey at Halloween Horror Nights.

After two years of waiting Halloween Horror Nights fans are ready to see what is in store for them when they enter the fog at Universal Orlando Resort this fall.

Universal Orlando Resort have confirmed the full line up for this year's HHN event, marking the return of the event. To celebrate the resort's 30th HHN event, fans can expect a return of some familiar faces and houses that have sent chills down many a guest.

HHN 30 will have ten terrifying houses, five horrifying scare zones and two petrifying shows to enjoy. You can venture into some classic horror films and tv shows; Beetlejuice, Leatherface and the Haunting of Hill House. You might need to also watch out for the home-grown scares, including the events past icons; Jack the Clown, Chance and The Director.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights HHN Vamp 55
Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights 30 is set to be a tribute to the past 30 years of the event. There will be scare zones and houses dedicated not just to the Icons of the past but also some fan favourite original haunts. With one house dedicated to the real-life but fictional horror history of the Ohio town, Carey.

Before you head over to get your scream, here's a look at everything you can expect from this year's Halloween Horror Nights.


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