Universal Orlando Reveal New Animatronic For New Hagrid's Harry Potter Coaster

First Look at Half-Giant Hagrid animatronic.

Universal Orlando Resort have finally revealed a close up of their new Harry Potter themed roller coaster's big star, Hagrid.

It seems only fitting that Hogwarts' famous groundskeeper would have his own animatronic within the new ride. This Hagrid will stand at 7 feet and 6 inches tall, similar to how tall the Care of Magical Creatures is in the movies.

Universal have worked with the team behind Hagrid's onscreen costume and with Robbie Coltrane himself to ensure that the new animatronic is as accurate as possible.

Hagrid Universal Orlando Harry Potter
Universal Orlando

Universal Creative also studied Coltrane's body movements to ensure that Hagrid moves just like he does in the movies. They also hand-sculpted his face and even took scans of his teeth! Robbie Coltrane has also recorded a "custom script" for use in the attraction.

The new coaster will take you on an immersive journey into the Forbidden Forest located just outside Hogwarts. Here you'll encounter a number of magical animals and plants including a Centaur, Devil's Snare and for the first time ever outside of the books, Blast Ended Skrewt.

The ride is one of the most technologically advanced coasters that Universal has ever created and will be a thrilling adventure into one of the Wizarding World's darkest places.

Hagrid's Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure will be opening its doors to guest on 13th June at Universal Orlando Resort's Islands of Adventure theme park.

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