Universal's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Planned As A Trilogy

There'll be no happily ever after for Kristen Stewart's fairest of them all as a film trilogy is planned.

There'll be no happily ever after in one of Universal's big 2012 fantasy hopes Snow White and the Huntsman as producer Joe Roth told EW yesterday that he has envisioned a trilogy of trouble for the fairest of them all;
"It€™s meant to be the first in a series of films, This story will end, but there will be questions remaining for these three characters.€
In case you are confused by now (and it's easy to see why, rarely have two high profiles movies about the same character gone head to head with each other in the history of film) - Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman has Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth (Bella and Thor respectively) in the title roles with Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen. Pirates of the Caribbean newcomer Sam Clafin plays Prince Charming. Lily Cole and Sam Spruell all support but the real casting coup is the seven dwarves - Ian McShane, Eddie Izzard, Toby Jones, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham and Ray Winstone. Roth told EW that he wants to the same with Snow White as he did with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland which he also produced;
€œWe retain the basic story in the same way we retain the basic story of Alice, a young girl meant to be the queen who is cast out. The Huntsman is a mercenary, in the sense that he€™s a guy who is very able in the woods, more able than most anyone. His job is to capture runaway girls, who are all fleeing the kingdom because of the queen. He€™s a nondescript bounty hunter, as we first meet him€ He€™s not a nice guy, but not only that, he€™s someone who has lost hope and lost faith. He has lost his wife, given up on everything.€
Of course it's almost a mute point to report on a producer's wish for a film trilogy to be spurned out of a blockbuster movie as all of them will want trilogies, just as the producers behind this year's new tentpoles Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America will be thinking exactly the same and indeed sequels to two of those have already been announced, the only one that hasn't yet is Cap but surely it's inevitable as long as the box office numbers are solid. But of course it all comes down to the bottom line... and if Snow White and the Huntsman crosses that $100 million domestic line with ease, then of course a sequel will happen and so on and so on. Roth also spoke up about the casting of the Twilight star as the lead role his movie;
€œFrankly, what we did, we searched high and low for an unknown. Which was my want after €˜Alice,; € he says. €œAs we went through it, it just became evident to me that Kristen occupies a space in the universe where she€™s a terrific actress only known for one part. I hope this is a movie that will appeal to those who find €œTwilight€ appealing, but also is someone who has some piss and vinegar in her.€
On Theron's Evil Queen;
€œShe€™ll be larger than life. Evil without any burden of guilt.€
Commercials helmer Rupert Sanders is still a month away from production on his film which has a June 1, 2012 release, a short 10 month turn-a-round and the small matter of promotional duties at Comic Con is expected later this month which to us seems like an unnecessary distraction for the film. Universal's fairytale re-imagining is of course rivalling Summit Entertainment's Snow White that has been filming for a few weeks with Lilly Collins in the title role, movie star Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Armie Hammer as Prince Charming. That movie beats Universal's out of the gate as it opens in mid-March.
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