UPDATED: The Wachowski's don't believe that a man can fly!!!!!!

UPDATED: /film have confirmed from various that this story is false. But rest assured guys, Superman is reforming. His re-birth is coming, just need to sweat it out a little longer and hope Warner Bros. are smart in who they entrust with this project.
Could it be? superman_emblem Warner Bros. decided late last year that a reboot of the Superman franchise was the only way to go after Bryan Singer butchered the character and left him with nowhere to go after SUPERMAN RETURNS. A movie so bad, it created the monster that is Obsessed With Film. But let's not go into that again! Since July, Warner Bros. have been inviting pitches from anyone with a good idea as they try and make a franchise that can match up to their work on the Batman series which is making them more money than they know what to do with right now. Scottish born Mark Millar, the comic book writer on KICK-ASS and WANTED is one such scribe who has already spoken with Warner Bros. over his trilogy of Kal-El which would basically start at his birth and end with his death over the course of three movies. He told Empire in October...
€œI want to start on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers".
He also told us that he had been discussing his plans with a €œwell known American action director€. Well, did Millar actually mean a set of directors? AICN have heard from one of their most trusted sources that none other than THE MATRX creators The Wachowski's have been in talks with Warner Bros. over helming a Superman trilogy. Not hard to believe it is Millar's proposed idea that has been offered to them BUT PLEASE BE AWARE I DON'T KNOW THIS AS FACT. I'M JUST TRYING TO PUT TOGETHER WHAT I KNOW FROM WHAT I'VE HEARD. Meanwhile... The Wachowski's have spent the time since they made the disastrous SPEED RACER at that studio trying to convince WB that there was potential money in a PLASTIC MAN adaptation worthy of their financial backing. But once WB decided on a Superman reboot and Bryan Singer didn't even want to talk to them about it (not that he was likely to be offered the movie anyway), they quickly turned The Wachowski's attention to the Man of Steel instead. According to the source, nothing has been signed yet and only time will tell if all parties are happy with the agreements. He claims to have heard V FOR VENDETTA director James McTeigue who is of course The Wachowski's protage spill the means in a t.v. interview for the Berlin Film Festival and who revealed the Superman news and that he would probably take reigns on PLASTIC MAN if The Wachowski's made Supes. McTeigue also mentioned that Singer has taken his ball home and will cry off to make that LOGAN'S RUN remake he has long championed. But when Superman is involved, I'm not interested in PLASTIC MAN or LOGAN'S RUN. I'm more interested in thinking, dreaming of images of Superman that remind me of what it was like as a kid, believing a man could fly. This is just about the coolest news I've ever reported on at OWF... superman-674

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