Venice 2010 Review: BLACK SWAN best film of the year - left me devastated, excited, tense and emotionally drained

OWF's Rob Beames landed at the Venice Film Festival yesterday and has shot through his first knee-jerk reaction of Darren Aronofsky's psychological ballerina thriller which has opened the fest; Literally at the press conference for Black Swan. Best film I've seen all year. Left me devastated, excited, tense and emotionally drained. Tarantino will be a fool if he doesn't give this the Golden Lion (unless something even better is coming up!). Aronofsky has made his first masterpiece and Portman must now be favourite for the Oscar. A perfect film that blends The Red Shoes with Antichrist, via Cronenberg.
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A regular film and video games contributor for What Culture, Robert also writes reviews and features for The Daily Telegraph, and The Big Picture Magazine as well as his own Beames on Film blog. He also has essays and reviews in a number of upcoming books by Intellect.