Venom: 19 WTF Moments

19. Riot's Ridiculous Journey To San Francisco

Venom EMT

The movie of course opens with a Life Foundation space shuttle crashing in Malaysia, at which point one of the four symbiotes, Riot, attaches itself to an EMT (Michelle Lee).

What follows is a comically convoluted journey for the symbiote, who after seeing the Life Foundation logo on a piece of the ship's scrap, somehow flies almost 1,500 miles to Hong Kong, kills a bunch of people and possesses an old lady.

A staggering six months later, still in control of the poor old woman, Riot creepily follows a young girl into an airport bathroom and possesses her, and then flies another 7,000 miles to San Francisco.

It's all so hysterically convoluted, not to ignore the fact that the young girl somehow manages to get into the Life lab later in the movie, avoiding state-of-the-art security protocols - just as Eddie (Tom Hardy) does earlier in the film, no less - and finally possessing Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) with Riot.

It's such a bizarre, unnecessary subplot when the symbiote could've easily just crashed somewhere in the U.S. and dispensed with all this contrivance.


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