Very Detailed Up-Close Look At The New Batmobile And Batman V. Superman Costumes

Best look yet at Batman's new ride.

We've now seen Ben Affleck's Batman in action in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, and both the Batmobile and some sort of Batwing made an appearance too. None of that, however, got anything like as intimate as this video. This is really nosy parker stuff, with the lens just inches away from the surface. If you have a fetishistic interest in Batman or his car, this is the video for you. It's interesting to see how solid a piece of engineering it is. Tim Burton's Batmobile might still be my favourite, but that one feels a lot more like a shell over a chassis than the elaborate builds we've seen since. I was also interested to see the Wonder Woman costume there as it looked a touch more colourful than in the desaturated poster displays. I dare say a lot of that colour will be bleached out again for the final film look, however. I think we're probably at the back end of the current Batman v. Superman publicity onslaught and Zack Snyder and company will go back to concentrating on post production for a while. We're far from the end of the full campaign, of course; expect to see more trailers later in the year, particularly around the release of The Man From Uncle in August.

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Movie News Editor

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