Very laidback teaser footage for Pixar's UP!

Up, is the first Pixar movie in quite some time where a big mystery floats around the project. 12 months ago, we knew an awful lot about Pixar's Wall*E and had seen a good amount of footage for the movie so soon after Ratatouille but Up is a big mystery to me. So far all the images in my mind revolve around an old guy and a floating house with lots of blue sky. So comes a teaser trailer, showing exactly that...

Coming Soon did get to witness slightly more at the Con...

We were shown footage of Carl, the old man voiced by Ed Asner, about to leave his home to go to a retirement community. But just as they're about to leave with him, he slams the door and suddenly releases hundreds of balloons into the sky. The house lazily begins floating into the air and away from the city. Carl intends to travel to Venezuela to see the remote plateaus and rainforests. He intends to fulfill a promise he made to his deceased wife to go there one day. Just as Carl settles into his living room in the floating house... there's a knock at the door. The director revealed that it was a Boy Scout (of sorts) named Russell. He's missing just one badge - the one for aiding the elderly. So the young man joins Carl on his quest to travel to Venezuela. We were shown some test footage of their interaction which was pretty funny and featured them carrying the house tied to themselves like a balloon through the rainforest.

Most internet outlets are calling Up a tough sell and from my perspective I would find it hard to disagree. Pixar over the last few years seem to be pushing further and further into the realm of the adult movie, leaving less and less commercialism for kids Wall*E was more for adults than kids IMO. It was the first time I had sat down in my local theatre to see a Pixar movie that wasn't packed with kids. Literally the demographic was 20-40. Cars was a real turning point in their output, will that be the last aimed for kids Pixar movie? Up opens next Summer, from the director of Monster's Inc and the co-writer of Finding Nemo. John Asner voices lead Carl Fredricksen with Christopher Plummer and John Ratzenberger also on board.
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