Video Clip of Bill Murray's GHOSTBUSTER appearance at Scream Awards, plus BACK TO THE FUTURE reunion!

Bill Murray looks every bit like the 59 year old elder statesmen that he is, but I damn all those who say he is too old to reprise Peter Venkman for Sony's potentially forthcoming 'Ghostbusters 3'. When it's not a still photo and he's walking and talking in full costume, and when he's actually interested to be there as he clearly was at the Spike TV Scream Awards at the weekend (but which only aired last night) then he could sell the multi-million franchise on his own. He still has the magic. The Murray stuff happens after the really emotional 'Back to the Future' reunion... I really do hope his first public appearance in a 'GB' costume in probably two decades is a firm sign of his intent for sticking with the production of the new movie, which hopefully will get under-way in the Spring once director Ivan Reitman's 'No Strings' is done and dusted at Paramount and Spyglass. Let's hope that Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher raunchy rom-com is popular with the teens/twentysomethings and impresses Sony enough to allow Reitman to direct. It really does feel like now or never this time.
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