Video Interview: Greta Gerwig On ARTHUR, Working With Russell Brand, Her Love For Alan Partridge!

Greta Gerwig shines in the surprisingly rather good remake of Arthur that was released in the U.K. last Friday and which we have now actually covered from script to screen. It's kind of hard not to fall in love with her portrayal of a spirited New Yorker and amateur tour guide who finds herself being the object of Russell Brand's billionaire affection. Greta has an immediate likeability about her, someone you want to be in the company of and spend time with and the best scenes of Arthur have her in it. She is the kind of instinctive, independent girl any self respecting man would spend a lifetime trying to chase until he was lucky enough to find one. Last week, OWF's Charlotte Lee enjoyed an all too brief sitdown chat with Greta who was the victim of a very nasty cold but she fought through it way more than I would have (I usually don't leave the house for three days with a cold) to talk about the making of Arthur and her role in the movie. Interestingly, Greta also confirms that she is a huge Alan Partridge fan and that helped convince her that Peter Baynham's script was worthy of her time. We heard over the weekend that Baynham was working with Steve Coogan over a movie version of the character... surely they must write a role specifically for Greta. They would be crazy not to. Arthur is in cinema's now.
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