Vincent Cassel & Lea Seydoux Are Beauty & The Beast For Christophe Gans

Shooting begins in October on the French/English production, based on the classic fairytale romance.

Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux are teaming together to star in a new take on Beauty & The Beast, a French/English production from atmospheric helmer Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Silent Hill). Production will kick off in October. Details are particularly scarce for the Eskward/Pathre production and we don't yet know whether it will be in the French language (I'm thinking it will, but can't say for sure) or whether it will be a period or contemporary version, but if I had to guess given Gans' love to create visually stunning worlds, I think it will be the latter. Certainly Gans' comments on the announcement back that idea up; €œWith this picture, I want to unleash my imagination. Although I will keep to a form of storytelling of this timeless fairy tale that is in keeping with the same pace and characters as the original, I will surprise the audience by creating a completely new visual universe never experienced before and produce images of an unparalleled quality. Every single one of my movies has presented me with a challenge but this one is, by far, the most exciting and rewarding,€ he said. The best Beauty & The Beast movie in film history is arguably a French production. Released in 1946, Jean Cocteau's stunningly gorgeous and captivating La Belle et la bête was long admired years before Disney produced the much loved, Best Picture nominated animated musical in the early 90's. The new Beauty & The Beast marks a re-teaming between Cassel & Gans who worked together on Brotherwood of the Wolf, a period werewolf/beast horror that has quite the cult following. For Seydoux, she has emerged in Hollywood with memorable turns in Robin Hood, Midnight in Paris and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. We can't say we particularly need another Beauty & The Beast but we like the talent involved in this one and the French sure do have a grand history with the tale; source - the playlist
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