Viral Promo For New Ryan Reynolds Sci-Fi Movie Self/Less

From The Cell and The Fall director Tarsem Singh.

Selfless Focus Features' original plan was to release Self/Less in September of last year but, at some point, the decision was made to punt it back to Summer 2015. We'll now be seeing it on July 31st. The film has been directed by Tarsem Singh, the stylist behind REM's Losing My Religion, cult-movie The Fall and J-Lo embarrassment The Cell. He's only ever as good as his scripts, and sometimes not quite, but Self/Less at least has the benefit of a screenplay by David and Alex Pastor. The Pastors wrote Carriers and The Last Days, both of which were low-key but smarter than average genre films. I'm certainly alway interested when I see their name on a film. And the stars of Self/Less are Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley, the latter playing a billionaire who wants his consciousness transferred into the body of the former. Creepiness ensues, and even a bit of a murder plot as the doctor behind this dodgy procedure tries to keep it hidden from public knowledge. There's no trailer yet for the film but a viral website launched and garnered a slew of Twitter activity, and on that website was this video and only this video. I confirmed that this was indeed a Self/Less promo by Who Is-ing the website and seeing that it was registered to Focus Features. This could turn out to be one of the sleeper hits of the summer. Expect some more direct marketing to come along soon.
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